Katya Gridneva was born in 1965 in the Ukraine. As a child she loved to draw and paint, but this talent was set aside when she was selected to be a gymnast at one of Russia's prestigious Sports Schools. This career came to an abrupt end when she was injured in a fall from the bar. Her significant artistic talent was recognised by her acceptance in 1993 to the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.

Best known for her figurative pastel works, several of Katya's models are renowned ballerinas from the world famous Kirov company and Marrinsky Theatre. Katya won first prize for her portraits at the end of her first year of studies in 1994. Since completing her studies in St. Petersburg she has exhibited widely in Great Britain, exhibiting with the Royal Pastel Society at the Mall Gallery and the Alberti Gallery in at many of London' Art Fairs and in the USA.

1991 attended drawing classes in St.-Petersburg Academy of Arts.1993-1999 studied in portrait studio in St.-Petersburg Academy of Arts.Since 1999 lives and works in the UK.2000 – 2002 Artist Resident Highclere Castle

Exhibitions include:

1994 Germany, gallery “perspective” Gissen1995 Exhibition in Michael Simpson Gallery UK1997 Exhibition in Weymouth Theatre, UK1999 Participation in several exhibitions in Moscow1999 Exhibition of graduation works at St.-Petersburg Academy of Arts.

2000 Participation in “Portrait Exhibition 2000” Mall Galleries London.2001 Participation in “Pastel Society Exhibition 2001” Mall Galleries, London.2001 Participation in “Portrait Exhibition” Mall Galleries, London.2001 One Three Nine Gallery, London, personal exhibition2002 Personal Exhibition Cross Gate Gallery, USA.2002 Participation in Cricket Fine Art Exhibition at the Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London.2003 Participation in “Portrait Exhibition”, Mall Gallery, London.2003 The Gridnev’s Exhibition, “Arndean Gallery”2003 The Gridnev’s Exhibition, “Brian Sinfield Gallery”, High Street, Burford2004 The Gridnev’s Exhibition, “Arndean Gallery”2004 Participation in “Portrait exhibition”, Mall Gallery, London.2004 Participation “Duke of York Show Art London”, London.2005 Participation in “Portrait exhibition”, Mall Gallery, London.2005 The Gridnev’s Exhibition, “Fine art Commissions”2005 Personal exhibition at “Cross Gate Gallery”, USA2005 “Drawing Exhibition” Fine Art Commissions, London.2005 “Royal institute of oil painters exhibition”, Mall Gallery, London.2006 “ Pastel Society Exhibition “, London.2006 “Drawing Exhibition”, Petley Fine Art, London.2006 “the Watercolors and Drawings fair” Royal Academy Of Arts, London.2006 “Royal Society of Portrait Painters”, London.2006 Solo exhibition at Petley Fineart, London.2007 “ Pastel Society Exhibition “, London.2007 “Royal Society Of Portrait Painters”, London.2008 Solo exhibition, Petley Fine Art, London.2008 Familly exhibition, John Noott Gallery, Broadway, UK2009 “Royal Society Of Portrait Painters”, London2009 Solo exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2009 Solo exhibition, James Fine Art2010 “Royal Society Of Portrait Painters”, London2010 Solo exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2010 Jhon Noot Gallery, family exhibition, Broadway

2011 Solo exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2011 Solo Exhibition, Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester2012 Solo Exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2012 Solo Exhibition, Osborne Studio Gallery, Belgravia, London2012 Solo Exhibition, “Paris Exclusive Gallery”, Paris2012 Cross Gate Gallery, Lexington, USA2012 John Noot Gallery, Broadway2012 Sotheby’s auction, London (2 works sold at the auction)2013 Solo Exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2013 Solo Exhibition, Eduardo Alessandro Studios, Dundee2013 Solo Exhibition, Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester2013 Solo Exhibition, Paris Exclusive Gallery2013 Josephine Harpur’s Aldeburgh Gallery2014 Solo Exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2014 Solo Exhibition, Paris Exclusive Gallery2014 Josephine Harpur’s Aldeburgh Gallery2014 Participation Fine Art Commissions (St James, London) Christmas Exhibition2015 Spring Exhibition, Iona House Gallery, Woodstock2015 Langham Fine Art, Exhibition , Bury St Edmunds2015 Spring Exhibition, Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester